5 FREE Feminine Stock Photos for YOUR Creative Business

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Styled Stock Photos for Blogs & Social Media - FREE Download


    Do you need a fresh photo for your new blog post? Or perhaps you need a pic for Instagram?

Here are 5 of my favorite stock photos... you are welcome to use with a little credit back to me, if you don't mind.




I provide the images in full-resolution digital JPEG files. Please resize them according to your needs. You may crop the image and overlay the image with text or pdfs of product designs as fits you needs. Please do not sell, lease, loan, transfer, assign, or give away the image or a derivative thereof or otherwise allow a third-party to use the image in any way. 



Image © copyright Work of MONNKA





37 Comment(s)

Heather @ Kraus House Mom:
04/12/2017, 02:06:31 PM, kraushousemom.com

Those pictures are so crisp and clean. I love them. It's hard to find quality free stock photos.

Ravmeet Oberoi:
04/12/2017, 02:36:37 PM, bookishbrat.com

I am always on the hunt for free stock photos. These are fabulous! Thank you.

Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh:
04/12/2017, 05:39:36 PM, everydaymadefresh.com

Ohh, these are so pretty. I don't really use stock photos that often. I've used them once since I'm a food blogger and take my own photos, but these are great options if I ever find the need.

Jenn JG:
04/12/2017, 06:18:12 PM

Love these stock photos, so classy and chic looking! Nothing better than free also, going to have to keep these in mind for future

Amber Myers:
04/12/2017, 10:09:12 PM, www.airingmylaundry.com

Thank you for this. Sometimes I could use stock photos and I'm never sure where to look.

Sarah Bailey:
05/12/2017, 12:54:06 AM, www.lifeinabreakdown.com

What some lovely stock images for you to be sharing thank you. They really are wonderfully styled.

Ana De- Jesus:
05/12/2017, 02:44:34 AM, fadedspring.co.uk

My favourite has to be the one on the left with the strawberry. I think that they are all beautiful stock photos but that one is my favourite x

Jessica Taylor:
05/12/2017, 03:36:08 AM

These are perfect!Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to use them!

Jen Walker:
05/12/2017, 06:46:07 AM

These images are really great! Thanks for sharing them with other bloggers!

Pospi Otuson:
05/12/2017, 10:20:46 AM, Pospitipsonline.com

I tried getting started on the next page but it was slightly difficult. Maybe I'll check back later Mailchimp lists can be really force.

05/12/2017, 04:59:13 PM

These are such great photos that can be used for so much. I love finding things like this so thank you!

Courtney Blacher:
05/12/2017, 05:01:59 PM

Oh wow! Those images are looks like a premium images! It's really perfect for a blog specially for all Fashion Blogs.

05/12/2017, 06:17:14 PM

These photos are definitely very feminine. I actually like to create my own this type of images. I love doing flat layouts :)

05/12/2017, 06:50:15 PM

These are dainty stock images. I love the composition of them.

05/12/2017, 08:08:25 PM, www.corinneandkirsty.com

I am always looking for pictures to use as I don't always have time to take some myself. These photos are super pretty!

05/12/2017, 08:20:10 PM, beautychaos.com

Great opt in! I signed up - these are gorgeous. Thank you!

05/12/2017, 08:25:25 PM, brinkker.com

Thanks for such wonderful information. This is what I was looking for a long time.

05/12/2017, 08:54:55 PM, julivaglobal.com

These are awesome resources, can't wait to use them

Siti Aana:
05/12/2017, 09:21:09 PM

I love flatlays and your pictures are so clear and crisp. <3

06/12/2017, 02:41:50 AM

Wow these are beautiful! Thank you for sharing :)

Sondra Barker:
06/12/2017, 05:09:41 AM, prettyfitfoodie.com

This is a great resource for some great quality stock photos! They're bright and crisp and very modern Sondra xx prettyfitfoodie.com

emman damian:
06/12/2017, 05:53:06 AM, www.thetennisfoodie.com

The photos are just so lovely! It really looks superb! Great shots!

06/12/2017, 09:08:55 PM, joi-knows-how.com

These are gorgeous! I never use stock photos but these are lovely. xo https://joi-knows-how.com

Brandi Crawford:
07/12/2017, 02:03:49 AM

I am in love with these photos! I really like the Macbook one.

07/12/2017, 04:02:59 PM, onecreativemommy.com

I'm always on the lookout for quality (and free) stock images. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful images.

Veronica Spriggs:
07/12/2017, 06:48:11 PM, www.youtube.com/user/eyeondesign

Thank you Sevda for the beautiful stock photos. Are they suitable for commercial use?

07/12/2017, 11:07:02 PM

Hi, Veronica! Thanks for your interest! You can use pictures in your blog post or social media. You may crop the image and overlay the image with text or pdfs of product designs as fits you needs. Please do not sell, lease, loan, transfer, assign, or give away the image or a derivative thereof or otherwise allow a third-party to use the image in any way.

07/12/2017, 11:36:04 PM, www.belugasinva.blogspot.com

Thank you. These are pretty pictures and it will be nice to use something different.

Amber S.:
08/12/2017, 01:34:48 AM, www.thesuburbansocialite.com

Thank you so much for providing these to your readers! Your images are so crisp and pretty! Love the MacBook one! Amber S. | www.thesuburbansocialite.com

Kaylee S:
08/12/2017, 06:10:36 AM

What a great resource for high quality stock photos! They're so colorful and crisp! I could definetly use this myself.

LaToyia Dennis:
08/12/2017, 07:08:22 AM, www.motivatedmom.org

WOW! These photos look great! I have to try this site. They look so natural and clear.

Milton Goh:
08/12/2017, 10:24:00 AM, Http://miltongoh.net

I love these photos! They would work so well on Pinterest where feminine and red/pink colored images work very well to get clicks :)

Jona Shares:
08/12/2017, 12:30:05 PM, www.jonashares.com

Wow, I am super glad I dropped by this website and found an interesting and useful article. I am new to blogging and having stock photos with great resolutions are indeed needed. Thanks for this!

Damond Nollan:
09/12/2017, 05:48:16 AM, www.damondnollan.com

Job well done! These are some pretty great looking pictures. After looking at them, I'm wanting my own camera back. Miss being able to take such vivid pictures.

09/12/2017, 01:46:36 PM

There are definitely some times when I could use a stock photo and be happy. It's time-consuming to watermark and tweak originals, especially if you don't have the time.

10/12/2017, 03:43:19 AM, www.kittyslifestyle.com

These look beautiful but I love that strawberry one the most... I would love to use these stock photos :D

10/12/2017, 05:24:19 AM, www.danavento.com

These photos are so pretty amazing. I cant wait to try them.

11/12/2017, 06:41:31 PM

All the pics are super.. Loved the strawberry one... Will surely try them.

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