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We've recently started to work with fashion bloggers in order to promote our brand and our website, the benefit to our bloggers include special discounts, free products & product lines, free photos (Including styled stock photos for your blog). If that sounds rad, then don't hesitate and let's get this collaboration started!


How we work with you?

 We collaborate with Fashion social media users (Bloggers, lookbooker, Instagramer) through products and promotions that are sent from us to you, you then post pictures of our new products, promotions, and share on your personal blog, Facebook, Youtube, lookbook, Instagram, Twitter etc account.

Our fashion bloggers and the lookbookers must all be approved prior to becoming official MONNKA's presenter.


Here’s what we are looking for:

Established Bloggers, Lookbooker, instagramers, Youtubers

Male & Female

Ages 16-35

Maintains online platforms on their personal blog, lookbook, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or Youtube, etc.

Can create regular posts and looks in their style to promote our brand and the love of blogging about their own style


MONNKA Blog Contributors

 Maintain and contribute every week to our blog.

Send images to our blogs,  & add our images onto your own blog


How we use your information:

MONNKA reserves the right to collect photos and/or posts from our Fashion Bloggers Lookbookers, and repost these items on our Facebook Homepage, Instagram, and other social media.


MONNKA email -

Please send us email with following information:

Email Address 


Main Blog Url

Instagram Username

Other Blog Url (YouTube etc)

What's the address you want the jewelry send to?

We will check it in a week and reply if you are approved.

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Created By 2017-08-15 23:25:15 Posted By A. Atanasov Comment Link
Created By 2017-05-30 05:52:13 Posted By Kelly Comment Link
Looks like an awesome opportunity! Thanks for sharing.
Created By 2017-05-30 05:52:13 Posted By Kelly Comment Link
Looks like an awesome opportunity! Thanks for sharing.
Created By 2017-05-29 23:27:32 Posted By Anna Comment Link
Yeah I've been seeing this advertise on Facebook, when I get some free time and I'm not so busy. I will look into this. Thank you. xx
Created By 2017-05-29 08:35:35 Posted By Berniedette | Comment Link
Love how collaborative this community is! Would love to collaborate with others one day! xoxo, Berniedette | <a href=""></a>
Created By 2017-05-29 04:38:57 Posted By Kristin Strange Comment Link
This is so great! gonna send you an email soon!
Created By 2017-05-29 03:20:25 Posted By David Torres Comment Link
Not a fashion blogger but this is a really great idea. If you are every looking for people in the make money blogging niche please give me a buzz <--- pun intended. ( Thanks Cheers
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